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Can a shy guy get a shy girl? I've recently joined a society where I started talking to a girl who throughout seemed to me to be shy; she showed the same shy attributes I have and have had over time. My final question; Is it possible for polar equals, in this case two shy people, to become close to one another? If you aren't willing to make a move then nothing will happen. Even after getting the girl, continuing to be shy will make you lose her. Yes it is possible, but for it to happen, you have to take initiative or her take initiative.

Honestly, couple weeks ago, i know a girl who is a friend of a friend. I would talk to her a couple times but she did not seem interested in talking to me. Or rather, she did not talk to me much. I found out that that just now. I found out that she actually thought i was cute and liked me, but she was just too shy to say anything about it.

So maybe you could be the one to take the move. I was also dating at that time so I was not available for her. As a shy girl myself I feel more attracted to other shy people as well because I can relate to them more. My experience with shy girls is that they are looking for an outgoing extraverted person who drags them out of their shell. Finding one with a different preference isn't easy. You're probably going to want to be a little more outgoing if that's something you want, but I'd still say there's a decent chance of it happening naturally if you have hobbies that involve other people singing, sports, etc just because you'll come into contact with people eventually, and as long as you're at least willing to say hi you should be fine.

I've been shy all my life with no luck. Very low confidence too. After making a conscious effort to talk to a new person each day at college, that has changed. There was tons of awkwardness but I learned to appreciate and enjoy it; my current date is very shy and I met her only because I decided to be outgoing and I thought she was cute. She was practicing guitar on my college campus so I said something along the lines of, "Wow, you're amazing for the record I REALLY meant this , how long have you been playing?

I think this was a lucky accident and not the result of clever planning, though. Yeah, I think Facebook was made for this situation. Friend him, and if he accepts, send him a note there inviting him to do something specific. Being socially awkward myself male here , I may not be much help. From what I experience, being socially awkward means that I'm always fantasizing about a potential relationship and million other ideas that could go wrong, which leads to the paranoia and social awkwardness.

I talk to guys a lot better than when I do with women I like I can talk to women I don't like passionately, though , so maybe your crush and I are in the same boat. Here's how I would like to have a woman interact with me: Being socially awkward, I don't get invited to many places or I feel awkward being the one to invite people. Don't make it places where there are too many people.

Continue to ask him out to places. The first couple of dates he's probably going to go through a series of doubts and self-questionings or at least that's what I do. I'm currently going through sleep deprivation, so my advice may not be up-to-par. Oh, and a warning, if he's anything like me, if in the event that he isn't what you thought he is, do not, I repeat, do not play him on. Let him down gently, but with a firm declaration that you don't plan on furthering the relationship. It drove me crazy to the brink of isolation when one of my ex-girlfriends decided to just ignore me and not tell me that she didn't want to have anything to do with me.

You should just ask him what he's doing on the weekend or something. If it's something you can do with him, ask if you can go too. If not or he doesn't have plans, ask him if he wants to go do something with you. The thought of being one-on-one and having to come up with a conversation for an hour is terrifying. He will probably turn that down just out of fear. Maybe a walk at a nearby hiking trail or something. The good news is, at least for me, that only lasts for the first outing or so.

Then I get more comfortable. Email is generally best. It alleviates a lot of on-the-spot pressure. Bluntly asking out via email does tend to sort these things out fairly quickly without too much of the angst. To converse with him - ask him direct questions. Show your interest in his answers. Do not randomly walk into a room, say things randomly, and expect a response from him. As you've seen, it doesn't work. Unless you go in directly, there's going to be a lot of umm, err And that kind of crap can go on for years if you let it.

Listen, I'm a guy.. Go up to him and, ensuring that there's no ambiguity and no room for him to wonder if you're joking we men are bad at reading between the lines , straight up tell him you're into him and ask them out.. Unless they're gay or taken, it's practically a given that they'll say yes. Because being approached or asked out by a woman is so rare that it's cool and incredibly flattering that we'll say yes based on this alone.

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PARAGRAPHMy own experience is that there are a lot of awkward silences shy girl dating shy guy conversation, unless they have other issues. PARAGRAPH. There are silences, and I don't think I work particularly well with extroverts, but because they are SO HARD to initiate conversation with. I know I want him to be the father of my children and can't wait. Or did it not work out due to someone being senior dating in kolkata shy or too extroverted. I know that that's not true though, and I don't think I work particularly well with extroverts. So that's the other part of my question. In a college class of mine, provided one person is willing african dating free sites take on the role of the initiator. Please let me know your opinions and experiences on this. I think relationships between introverts can work, she denied my request. It also depends on aspects of personality other than introversion and extroversion whether two people shy girl dating shy guy good together or not. I think she just wasn't into you. Few months later we were put together on the same project abroad. I think she just wasn't into you. That was a long time ago though, we got the chance to get to know each other, like she might actually be fun and intimate, unless they have other issues, like asking her to come sit at my table.