Old Terms For Dating


My SO If the only thing you love more than your SO is abbrevs. My partner Gets the point across, but it sounds awfully official. Makes it easy to transition into running a law firm together, though. My wifey See 4. Works well for both genders. My special someone Also how your grandmother might address you in a greeting card. Classy, yet vaguely scandalous. My lover The verbal equivalent of loudly making out for upwards of one minute in public.

My main squeeze Physically squeezing your main squeeze is not necessarily recommended. My slampiece See also: My bottom bitch See also: For example, there's no proper word to describe a couple that lives together for years, with no plans of marrying or having kids "partner" is too formal; "lover" harkens a cheesy, mustached man in a hot tub. The verbal distinctions for newly blossoming relationships are even more vague and hazy.

Are you hooking up, hanging out, or seeing each other? Is there really even a difference? For clarity's sake, perhaps we should revisit a time when dating, and the language used to describe it, made a little more sense. Pursuing another person romantically, often by taking her on dates to dinner, the movies, and other such outings. What it means now: Texting a romantic interest, "Hey," on a Friday night at like, 9 PM.

Going steady What it used to mean: The next step beyond the courting phase; you're now taking another person on dates exclusively. Texting a romantic interest, "Hey, what are you up to this weekend? Beau What it used to mean: A person you've been "going steady" with for a while - this is a term of endearment for a significant other. You have a work holiday thing, and plus ones are encouraged. This person would likely be offended if you brought someone else instead of them, so you nervously mention it in passing while "grabbing drinks" at a bar.

Dear John letter What it used to mean: The phrase originally referred to letters sent to soldiers from their disenchanted significant others. Getting pinned What it used to mean: A young man gives his school pin to his beau. It's sort of like wearing your significant other's letter jacket.

Vocab Lessons: Old-Fashioned Dating Terms To Bring Back

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