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The "date the nerd" trope is about as as old as the existence of the term "nerd" in popular culture. Two of my all-time favorite films employ it. The first is 's "Miracle at Morgan Creek," in which a homely, dutiful young man, Norville Eddie Bracken , keeps confessing undying love to his lifelong neighbor, a blonde bombshell named Trudy Betty Hutton. Popular Trudy wants nothing to do with nerdy Norville until she finds herself "in the family way," and Norville steps up to marry her and claim her unborn.

Trudy is deeply contrite and grateful; Norville is portrayed as the noble, generous hero. Cool guys abandon you; marry the nerd. In 's "Splendor in the Grass," Bud, the dashing wealthy hometown hero type, pressures his girlfriend Deanie Natalie Wood to have sex. When she doesn't relent, he cheats, setting off a downward spiral for Deanie. Later, though, Bud Warren Beatty ends up living in relative squalor and Deanie sets off to marry a med student.

Once again, cute jocks are cads; marry the nerd. But the film rightfully faced its share of backlash. In , Arthur Chu pointed out in the Daily Beast that idealizing nerds has resulted in misogynistic entitlement. Tweet By Lauren Faits, January 21, at 9: I found it unprofessional, but I also felt for him. The month before Valentine's Day can be lonely. Thankfully, Chicago is filled with places to meet that very special geek guy or girl. Partially in response to this odd exchange, I've assembled a list.

I have personally tried and enjoyed all of these local ways to meet geek singles. Best of all, for most of them, you don't even have to leave your couch! Eventually you should leave your couch. The Chicago Nerd Social Club - This organization has been around for years, sponsoring everything from book clubs to science pubs. The Chicago Nerd Social Club offers casual, non-committal environments for groups. I judged the costume contest at their last Nerd-o-Ween party, and can attest to the amount of single, smart, creative nerds present.

Their next gathering is a board game night for new members- the perfect opportunity! Newbie Welcoming Party - Saturday, February 2nd, 5PM. Fat Cat, N. Nerds at Heart is a national operation with hetero and queer branches in Chicago. Their monthly events include activities like board games, speed dating, or "Nerderati" field trips. NaH's next Chi-town event is on Valentine's Day itself. Nobody has to spend the holiday alone. Rebel Bar and Grill, N.

Geeky Singles Meetup Group - This group was created in direct response to Nerds at Heart's fees. The Geeky Singles group is free to join, and advocates being honest about who you are and the things you love. As far as I can tell, they are Chicago-exclusive. They've had one event so far- a board game night- and it looks like need more attendees. Sign up, say hello, and help boost the signal.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating - While you won't be able to do this before Valentine's Day, it's worth remembering.

Nerd Nite Speed Dating: C2E2 2017 Edition

Why 'date the nerd' is bad advice

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