Left Eye Dating Married Man


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Com, new, very explicit, daring adults-only site folks looking cheat but far back go? Drew Sidora and Keke Palmer play the roles of T-Boz and Chilli, while Lil Mama plays the late Left Eye. Former manager Perri "Pebbles" Reid is played by Rochelle Aytes and producer Dallas Austin is played by Evan Ross, while Mack 10, retired football player Andre Rison and Jodeci's Dalvin DeGrate appear as ancillary roles.

Stage Crasher Makes Good Lil Mama essentially became a hip-hop pariah after she stage-crashed Jay Z and Alicia Keys' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, so it was no surprise that casting her as Left Eye was controversial. Yet Lil Mama is undoubtedly the star of CrazySexyCool. Aside from the obvious likeness between Lil Mama and Left Eye, the youngster masters the mannerisms and physicality of TLC's late rhymer to an almost eerie degree. Expect to do more than one double-take when watching the movie.

Some Like It Hot, but Probably Not Andre Rison Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Left Eye took her combustible relationship with NFL player Andre Rison to a literal level, when she burned down his mansion in In the movie, Left Eye flies into a rage after seeing that Rison has purchased several boxes of Nike sneakers for himself and none for her.

Tired of his selfishness, she throws his shoes into the bathtub and lights them up. Pebbles is Joe Jackson in drag. I bet MoKenStef said the same thing. Let that sink in — you had more money than the best selling girl group of all time. Yes, you, the person who spent 15 minutes arguing with the Walgreens cashier over coupons. I know this because I was standing behind you. Pebbles got annoyed with Chilli and kicked her out of the group; she bought them some raggedy, outdated Rav-4s to appease them; and wound up suing them a few years later.

Did ANYONE make money on LaFace? Other than LA Reid and Babyface? And it was all her fault. Yet Chilli spent the first half of the movie pining for him, even though T-Boz told him he was no good. And we all now how well that ended. Plus, who cast Dallas to look like my Cousin Chris Brown?

The Five Craziest Moments From TLC's 'CrazySexyCool' Biopic

Left Eye Dating Married Man

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