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Health and exercise "Health and exercise"; it's sort of like the politically correct way to say "hot", isn't it? Regardless, women looking for love online find it attractive. Travel Interestingly, travel didn't rate a mention on the list of traits men found attractive in women. But, it seems that women like their blokes to have seen the world before they settle down into a partnership. Politics Auspol nerds rejoice: Women like men who are into question time and caucus. With the NSW state election coming up, maybe it's worth single Sydney men listing their electorate in their bio for a cheeky polling booth date?

Although an interest in politics was rated as the most attractive thing a man can possess, bizarrely, the same interest made men 16 per cent less likely to send a woman a message. The most attractive traits in women 5. Dancing Remember those ballet classes you gave up aged 10? It's time to return to the barre. Family While having an interest in family was only the 10th most attractive trait in the eyes of women reading men's profiles, it turns out that men care a bit more about their potential partner's views on the family unit.

Enter The League , a selective dating app with a solution for perpetually over-scheduled young professionals Founder and CEO Of The League, Amanda Bradford, says the app, which pulls in your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, is designed for people who are ready to take things a little more seriously and spend their time wisely. Take a listen below: So, how do you do that in lines and a few pictures? Here are some highlights: Use Emojis In Your About Me [Embed] Bios on dating apps are only a few lines each, so how do you stand out?

The About Me is where you can show off your creative spirit, Bradford says. It's your chance to be funny and quirky, whether it's through emojis, riddles, or poems. Be Upfront About What You're Looking For She says there's more of an understanding that people aren't looking for one-night stands on The League, so it's not really necessary to say it in your profile. But Don't Include A Checklist [Embed] Bradford says to use your About Me as the place to sell yourself, as opposed to list your "don't message me if..

Tell the other person about you, what makes you different, and make it "less about a sterile checklist that scares people off. No Sunglasses Pics They're fine for a placeholder photo, but they're not game-changers, Bradford says. No Hiding Your Face — Especially In Your First Picture [Embed] It's not about being hot, Bradford says, it's more about how you're presenting yourself in the picture. Her review team takes this into account when picking people off the waitlist.

No Selfies [Embed] Chill with the duckface selfie. The League even notifies people to update their pictures when all they see are selfies. No Pictures With Cute Babies [Embed] Even if it's not yours and it's the cutest baby ever, no, just no. It's just too confusing for everyone.

The most attractive traits to list on your online dating profile

10 Ways To Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out, According To The League CEO And Founder, Amanda Bradford

PARAGRAPHWriting about your hobbies and interests in your online dating profile by JT Online dating profile interests There is one question I get over and over from guys who email me, after all passion is a feeling too. Best dating interests are run by their EMOTIONS. They like best dating interests talk about how they feel and what something made them feel. We process things logically? They play to have take a break free dating sense of community with their teammates and even opponents. A very intereests and contagious feeling actually! And the goal is to stand out of the crowd. PARAGRAPHWriting about your hobbies and interests in your online dating profile by JT Online dating profile interests There is one question I get over and over from guys bangkok dating app email me, and Daring got this one again recently. You are in her world. Because TONS of men have these same hobbies. You want to leave the interpretation of your feelings to her imagination sometimes. I connect with her and her world by telling her about my experience shopping, we connect with her on her level. You connect there again.