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Video Chat Let your site members make voice and video calls to each other using WebRTC technology no server and Flash required. Easily add monetization through user roles and memberships. Requires SSL certificate included with SkaDate hosting. Real-time interactivity is priceless and should be harnessed for users to enjoy. So they return for more. Google Maps for Location Your users can enter arbitrary location data, like town, district, or zip code, and it will be translated into Google Maps data points.

Google Maps provides unmatched accuracy and always up-to-date location data. Advertisement Easily organize advertisement banner rotation on your website. Works with all ad systems, e. Built-in SEO Limited marketing budget? SkaDate X will make sure you get as much free traffic as possible from search engines. Capitalize on every incoming link, every registered profile!

Cost While it may seem obvious, cost is one of the most important features of an online site. Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on a dating site membership, but then again nobody wants to sign up for a free site that offers virtually no features and leaves you dateless. When looking into cost, it's important to examine the total cost of signing up and what kind of payments the site expects you to pay. Matching process An astute and advanced matching process is great for increasing the likelihood of compatibility with a potential date.

Many dating sites provide a variety of methods that allows you to match with people based on search criteria. A lot of sites allow you to search based on age, gender, and geographic location. Some sites will do the matching for you, and only requires that you fill out an extensive questionnaire beforehand. The only requirement to this website part is simplicity and functionality. Forget about fly-out menus, drop-down parts and a mass of sub-pages. Website Layout Must Be Clean What makes layout clean?

It is not the absence of colors, nor is it the absence of content. Layout is clean when it is uncluttered, when each element has its right position and the overall visual front of the site is favorable for reading. It is the right portion of content and design items that make a website user-friendly. It concerns a dating website design, too.

Such a theme should have clear content arrangement with everything being structured and well-defined. If it is an advertisement, it must be on a sidebar, as well as a search box. If it a call-to-action button, it must be in the most visible place. When you are creating your dating services website with much multimedia, plan the galleries design carefully.

Include a Simple-to-Use Search Box Why do people go to dating websites? They are looking for their sweetheart. A search tool is the most useful element on your website for visitors. They open a site and start searching. Many of them know definitely what they need or who they need to be exact , so advanced search is a must. The fields like sex, age, city must be included. I would better illustrate: Yellow is a color of sadness in Greece, but it symbolizes happiness in the Middle East.

The culture is only one aspect that plays a vital role in color choice. Gender means no less: Men will most likely name pink all shades like lavender, coral, and rose; women are usually more specific. For example, blue is the most favorite color for both men and women, but women also love purple, men prefer green.

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SkaDate Dating Software Features

Report Austin tx dating app Members can now report other members to the admin. Skype Users can add their Skype username to their profile view to allow for other members to call them directly on their Skype account. Near Me Now your members can see other members that are online dating website features them. Stripe Gateway Stripe has been integrated into the dating software. PARAGRAPH. Included in Professional and Developer Packages. Now there are 15 different gateways. Live Video Chat Users can now chat live with other members with live video via their web cams. Skype Users can add their Skype username to their profile view to allow for other members to call them directly on their Skype account. Rate My Profile Users can rate any profile from the profile view. Included in Professional and Developer Packages. Saved Search Users can now save a search and come back later to use that same search. Included in Professional and Developer Packages. Photo Greetings Now featudes members can upload any type of media to a email that they send other users right from the bottom of the email. PARAGRAPH. Skype Users can add their Skype username to their profile view to allow for other members to call them websitf on their Skype account? Skype Users can add their Skype username to their profile view to onlihe for online dating website features members to call them directly hinge dating app questions their Skype account. This rating shows up on the members profile. Included in Professional and Developer Packages? Add straight from a users profile view.