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Love is an act of acceptance, that with all our imperfections, we are accepted and loved. One day, the butterfly proposed to the rose. The butterfly then fly, cut his body and spread his blood on the rose. The rose turned red and fell in love with the butterfly, but the butterfly was no longer alive. Learn to love with all your heart and accept the unlovable side of others. For anyone can love a rose, but only a great heart can include the thorns. Shakespeare explained it thru Romeo and Juliet.

Picaso thru his paintings. Take time to listen to your heart sometimes. You need not to ask yourself who you really love most, but ask yourself who really makes you happy and who makes you feel loved. There maybe those on earth who dress better or eat better, but those who dream of me sleep better and wake up happier! There was a blind girl who hate herself because of being blind.

She hate everyone except her boyfriend. One day, the girl said that if she can only see the world, she will marry her boyfriend. If u r reading this message, thn u cr for me. If u ignore thn u miss me. If u save thn u desire me. If u reply thn u wish me, If u delete thn u love me. Now, the decision is urs. I am texting u because u r all.

It is 9t a special day. There is no occasion 2 text u. But I am messaging u because I Remember u Always! Even if there is no call or message frm u.

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