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To avoid drama and tragedy, be sure to use the dating period to ask some vital questions. Most importantly, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. I understand that too often these subjects are not discussed during the dating phase of a relationship because the lady is trying to be Ms. Perfect and the guy is trying to be Mac Daddy!

However, you cannot afford to skip asking vital questions that may save your life. Choosing a mate is one of the most important decisions you will ever make besides making Jesus the Lord of your life. Be sure you do not ignore the red flags, which in most cases is the Holy Spirit trying to stop you from making a bad choice. Choosing a mate has far-reaching effects on many levels. Besides the fact that you will be interacting with this person on a daily basis, your marriage partner will affect your children, ministry, and personal destiny.

You may not have been called to be a preacher, but God still has a specific assignment for you on this earth. If you are going in a particular direction, it is crucial that you choose someone who is heading down the same path. Not just slow down. After 5 months we decided that we wanted to take the next step in our lives together and soon thereafter, we were picking out diamond rings and matching wedding bands.

We went from 0 to real quick. I was excited to finally be fulfilling my dreams of becoming a wife and mother. I cared for my man, deeply. But the faster we moved forward, the more I pulled back. It was telling me something. I could not ignore it. I confided in many other couples whom I looked up to. I told them how I was feeling. What more do you want?

Your feelings are natural. You are just nervous. This is not nervousness. It was very real and I knew it was not wise to ignore it. I broke up with him and as hard as it was to leave and as much as I loved him, I loved me more. Suddenly, my ex started following me again on Instagram and reached out to meet up. But all joking aside, I agreed to meet up with him and hear him out.

After all, it had been at least a year since we last spoke. I was curious about his well being. We met at a cute resto downtown. I was greeted with his warm smile. For a moment, I felt special. I felt all kinds of mixed feelings.

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Dollar on the lookout public online dating companies part two of this article. It is important to know what the major doctrines of the Bible are so that you can discover if you share the same beliefs. The Word is spiritual. Here are some important questions to ask and get answers to while you are dating. Discover how you can be a part of making a mark that cannot be erased!PARAGRAPH. It is important to know creflo dollar ask questions dating the major doctrines of the Bible are so that you can discover if you share the same beliefs. Do you both agree that it is important to live by creflo dollar ask questions dating Word. It is important to datinv what the major doctrines of the Bible are so that you can discover if you share the same beliefs. Is This Person a Christian. PARAGRAPHLeave a comment Creflo Dollar: How to choose the Right Mate About two years ago, and yet she was saying the Lord told wedding speech internet dating to wuestions him.