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We are all prone to self-consciousness and envy when in the face of grand beauty, but there's more to life than popping abs. Still, Barry has a point about New York's dating scene. There are a lot of single people in this city, even if it doesn't seem that way sometimes, and that's one of the problems. A friend of mine recently described Tinder as "the Cheesecake Factory of dating," as in, the menu is huge and no chef's spending enough time on the food to make sure it's more than just okay.

I once dumped a guy because he sweat too much on our second date. I can't speak for the dating scene in Boston or at a ski resort in Colorado, but I imagine a smaller pool will increase your odds, and maybe make you less fussy because there just aren't as many people to Next. You are not hotter in another city, but you might be less of a dick. Of course, there is another option—for that, we turn to Senior Thirst Editor Dave Colon, who previously implored hot women who felt left behind by people seeking "love" instead of "looks" to give him a try.

So look, I tried to help you out here, didn't I? When that jabroni declared he wouldn't date hot women anymore, I told you, "You've had the best looking , so now try me, Dave. Why flee in shame to somewhere else and start an entire new life, all so you can turn around and announce to the Post that everyone in your new home city is a gargoyle so you now feel great? You don't have to only date models who'll make you feel bad about yourself, when you can date me, Dave.

I'm not really the perfect boyfriend, but I also won't go out of my way to tell you that I always date more attractive people than you. That's really fucked up. Dave wants you to know his DMs are open. DaveCoIon , the Justin Trudeau of Rockaway Beach pic. Lounging under the cherry blossoms at Prospect Park in the spring, riding the Wonder Wheel showing off your summer bod at Coney Island, drinking wine on a patio overlooking the Autumn foliage in Central Park, and ice skating under the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Some parts of NYC will always be smelly and disgusting, but on those certain perfect days every season, the city turns into a film. We might be freezing and miserable all winter, but we can take solace in its ambiance. You can date any type of person ever. In all seriousness, this city attracts all kinds of unique individuals, which means you can find people who are just as idiosyncratic as you are.

Married to your career, but still want to go on hot dates sometimes? Find someone else who is, too! Obsessed with making slime videos for your Instagram, and looking for a make-out buddy between filming sessions? You can do the most ridiculous things with the most ridiculous people and no one will find out about it. That makes for excellent PGand-up bucket list fodder. You can learn more about yourself while dating in New York than dating anywhere else. By that, I mean love, compassion, kindness, all that.

You can have super high standards, and still meet amazing people. The biggest complaint I hear about dating in the city is the quality of people. You know that feeling. When you wake up next to someone you really like and they ask you if you want to check out their favorite breakfast spot down the street.

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New York killed my dating life — and I couldn’t be happier now

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