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That's in James 1. But he sure is cutting it close. While its become somewhat easy for me to wait, I don't see a reason to continue doing so anymore if there isn't a woman doing the same for me. Instead of the sin of fornication, let's talk about some other sin. All the other kids from his high school robbed liquor stores and visitors to the 'hood to get money. I can think of a reason not to. It's a sin against God to fornicate.

Usually, we don't read about God getting revenge on Christians in the Bible, but consider this passage: I Thessalonians 4 3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification: The NIV says that God punishes those who do such things. Do you want God to get revenge on you or punish you? The most powerful Being in the universe who knows where you live and has all power? Isn't it selfish of you to think the only reason to abstain from sinning against the most high God is if you get to sleep with a virgin your first time?

I've heard stories of people giving up on the same thing I am and as soon as they lose their virginity, the woman they desired comes from around the corner. But I just don't see it happening in my case. Perhaps somebody has some words of wisdom or can speak from experience about this? Seek to please God. If you want to marry a virgin, fine. I believe it's perfectly reasonable for a virgin man to reject all non-virgins as potential mates. That should be a basic criteria for marriage, that she be a virgin, and was in many societies throughout history for a lot of men.

If that's your standard, good for you. But I hope your desire to marry a virgin would also have something to do with your dedication to God. I would hope you abstain from sexual immorality for the Lord's sake. If you already marry and sleep with a virgin bride, what's to stop you from sleeping with a bunch of other virgins or married women if all you are after is losing your virginity with a virgin?

My wife and I were both virgins. She was a few years younger. So that they can never get a date? If you were the type of person who would genuinely get to know the person and work to deal with the baggage, that's one thing. But if you are just going to treat something as trivial as being a virgin as a deal breaker, no virgin owes it to you to tell you.

Dare81 owes it to himself to get a sex life and some dating experience far more than he owes it to anyone to tell them about his virginity. And as I said, virginity is not a big deal. Inexperience in sex can be overcome by having sex with a partner. Virginity is otherwise just a meaningless label people throw around. To find that to be a deal breaker is purely shallow. The only meaningful way virginity is a problem is if someone is overly hesitant about having sex, in which case not having sex with a romantic partner is a valid deal breaker.

It's not like you can put a little effort in and easily get laid. You have to find someone willing to have sex with you.

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