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How long have you been operating these websites? Can you share some success stories your patrons have had using DancePartner. I get weekly e-mails from dancers thanking me for making this site available, as there has been nothing else quite like it before. These are people who would have never met without DancePartner. The web site really has brought dancers together regardless of their geographic location. Recently, I used the site for my own partner search.

As the Bay Area is such a close-knit community, I thought that I already knew everyone in the area. Within a week I had 10 tryouts set up! I was so surprised to find and meet local ballroom dancers I had never met before! What kinds of dancers are most attracted to DancePartner. Those in the Bay area? More Latin dancers, or more Standard dancers? However, we represent a great many dancers in Canada, Australia, Singapore - over countries in all.

At the top are: Social Ballroom, Smooth, Standard, Rhythm, Latin, Salsa, Hustle, and Ceroc. There appear to be other websites where dancers can look for partners. For those web sites, dance partnering is generally not their core business and they appear to put little effort in them. Dance partnering is, however, all we do. The next largest dance partnering service has been around for 5 years and has about members.

We offer sophisticated, yet easy to use, searching to display matches that meet your specific criteria, as opposed to what others do - a list of matches, many inappropriate, that you need to wade through. We also offer partner cataloging, favorites lists, photo gallery, and private e-mailing to name a few of our services. What are DanceSpots Network and Dance-Ads.

It has become very successful with over 4, studios and teachers represented. Individuals and companies can enter basic listings for free. I ran a software company for 14 years, which was sold a few years ago. I also really enjoy helping others connect and succeed in their dance careers. Your website mentions that you promote dance in the San Francisco Bay area, and sponsor fundraisers for other dancers.

Can you give me some examples of how you promote dance? What kinds of fund raising events for dancers work? If you could talk to a whole ballroom of dancers about your website, what would you say to them? What advice would you give them about looking for a partner on your site? What advice would you give someone who wanted to start a website like yours on the East coast?

Advice for site use: Include at least one photo! A photo reveals so much about a person, more than words do. Include complete and witty! We are not geographic specific; we are worldwide. Many will dance regularly, are keen to learn or simply like those that do. With thousands of genuine members nationwide, you're chances of finding your perfect local partner are amazing: The fantastic thing about our dancer's dating site, is that you can join now for free and start browsing our database of genuine member's photo profiles straight away.

This will tell you if there's someone you like the look and sound of before taking the next step and it only takes a couple of minutes to register with Dating4Dancers personals. What to do now. Start by completing the simple sign up form above. Next type your first name i. James, into the box provided. Again, using the drop down menu, select your birth day, the month in which you were born and the year of your birth.

Add your email address in the next box, we will use this to validate your registration. Rest assured, your email address this will always be kept private from other members. Finally pick an easy to remember password and type it into the box provided. Now click on the 'Join Free' button and you'll be taken through to your very own, easy to complete profile page. Once you're a member of Dating4Dancers.

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