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My general thought on dating in Portland is that it's a hell of a lot easier than it was in Cincinnati. There are infinitely more people around my age in this town—so that alone opens up a lot of possibilities. I've found that dating is pretty relaxed around here most of the time, and I honestly feel like people are more themselves. Bri Pruett, 32 Straight, cis, female comedian, and former avid Portland dater, now in a relationship.

Dating in bigger cities is different: There are more races, religions, and guys with jobs in finance. I dated a dude from Boston for a spell, and he was horrified about my Portland dating experiences. He also couldn't believe I own a hula-hoop. So maybe I'm part of the problem? Suzette Smith, 33 Cis woman, heterosexual, eight years in Portland, single most of them.

But in Portland it's pretty easy to hook up with someone who is deeply invested in their macaroni necklace nonprofit startup woodworking poetry press. Or they call them a slut and talk massive amounts of shit about them. Michigan is very sexually conservative, and it makes people unhappy. Portland people get blackout drunk and in the morning they're like, "Do you want to get brunch and day-drink? There are a lot of cute guys in Portland, but they all have beards. It takes me a long time to trust someone with a beard.

What's your face like, Holmes? The cute women have tattoos and their homes have extensive dioramas that you aren't allowed to touch. Both of these people want to get brunch and day-drink on a Sunday. IMO, West Coast guys are better lovers. Do they teach cunnilingus in school here? Amory Jane, 31 Female, pansexual, polyamorous. In Portland for 10 years, only single for a few months, but has dated extensively as a polyamorous married person.

Teaches classes at She Bop sheboptheshop. Dating in Portland has been a fun but sometimes frustrating experience. A lot of folks don't seem to know what they want—which is understandable, but when you mix that with the stereotype of Portlanders being flakes or passive aggressive in their communication If you know what you want, you will stand out!

I've noticed that a lot of folks don't really say what they want, or even know what they want beyond "being open to different sorts of connections. MEN DO NOT ASK WOMEN OUT IN PORTLAND JoAnn Schinderle, 29 Straight female Portland resident since , last boyfriend circa Co-host of the Portland dating podcast It's Not Me; It's Me. I moved here for a job directing art shows in Portland and Seattle. I knew no one and was completely comfortable going out to events on my own.

I noticed that in this town, girls would approach and hit on me percent more than men would. When I brought this up to a then-new friend he said, "Oh, duh. I've lived here my entire life and this is the Northwest way! Also, newer designs for the opening appeared. These included the nonpareil, acorn, elliptical, double elliptical, and some other variations. Beginning in the early s, the mats became smooth, with some engraving artistry, simple at first but more complex by the late 50s.

Then around , the mat material became much thinner and complex designs were stamped into the metal. The thinner mats and preservers date to late s. Preserver or No Preserver? The preserver was first used around , and it became a standard part of cased images. The preserver is a brass frame that wraps the glass, mat, and image.

Early daguerreotypes were protected by only a mat and glass, and then placed in a case. Early preservers were fairly plain, usually adorned with simple patterns. The preserver was prone to breaking at the corners. In about , preservers with reinforced corners and more elaborate artwork were introduced. An image with a preserver dates after Wood vs Thermoplastic Cases Early cases were usually leather-covered wood cases. They were lined with felt or sometimes silk. These were basically the only type of cases until the latter part of the s.

Around a new composite made from saw dust and varnish was used to create the first plastic-like cases. This material was called thermoplastic, as the mixture was heated and then formed in dies. The cases themselves were called 'union cases', not in reference to the 'Union' side of the civil war, but the union of different materials that were used in the composite. These cases are not rare, but they did not dominate the daguerreotype market, probably due to price.

A thermoplastic case is recognized by its smooth plastic-like surface, one-piece construction of each half and brass hinges connecting the two halves. They are frequently broke or chipped as cases were brittle. These were used with daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes General Rule: Thermoplastic or Union case dates after Clothes and Style Clothes, hair styles, and personal appearance changed significantly throughout the life of the daguerreotype.

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