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Admittedly, I started writing this response assuming that I'd end up speaking to someone who had authored a book on this phenomenon or studied interracial relationships across the world, or at least had some well thought-out theory about Italy's specific culture and history maybe something to do with Ethiopia? I was expecting something that could explain why what appears to be widespread bigotry didn't touch black women in this area or, maybe it did, but just manifested in some type of hypersexualization way.

Advertisement So I put my feelers out to my normal Race Manners experts and to the Internet more broadly and got … nothing. I posted an inquiry on Facebook: Seriously, if there is some agreed-upon explanation or official analysis that I'm missing, let me know on Twitter. Advertisement So I don't know how to explain that "It's true" to your friends except that, well, it's true to you. And shouldn't that be enough? What's with the skepticism? Why would people who know, trust and like you require verification from a cultural anthropologist to appreciate your experience?

Is it that unbelievable? And do we ever make people explain the "what's going on? In fact, it always seems to get messy to try to explain these things with broad cultural theories. Whether it's a black man who marries a white woman , a white guy with a thing for Asian girls , the participants in a May-December romance or simply members of an "opposites attract" couple, it rarely goes well when you try to tell people their relationships are somehow influenced by cultural forces beyond their individual connections.

No one wants to be just part of a pattern. Implicit in your comments "Oh my God, Italian men loved me so much. I'd never seen anything like it. It was the best thing ever! So much better than here! Black women have equated their having babies out of wedlock, supporting worthless Black men, etc. I have had better success with non black men.

But it is all one sided. Like the black men have no faults when bw have higher success rates with marriages with white men percentage rate. We are lower than white women. Secondly his wife is biracial. He also states that he asks his wife to before he releases a song to see if she likes it to determine if black women will like it which was the most offensive comment.

We are not all the same. Is he doing this to sell records? In reality Paula is like one shade away from being white. If he was black, would you still make as big a deal about his music? Have you ever listened to his songs…. Every song he writes is about her. She is his only love. He writes and sings love songs. The genre of music he sings happens to attract an audience of mostly black people.

So when he does interviews people tend to ask about his relationship with his equally famous wife. Rohin Thicke is proud of his wife. She could be blue. I earnestly believe he is just speaking out of a place of love. I think he is speaking out of love too. He loves his wife. I really think folks are going in too hard on him. Could be haters upset that he has a black woman for a loving wife…lots of people feel and believe that black women is not worthy or deserving of anything, much less true love and happiness.

Angelina I know right?! We get it, you love black people! Do you even know good music? He is also a talented producer. His race has nothing to do with. What a stupid comment. Guest Now that a white man said it, maybe some of you will finally believe it. He specifically spoke about his experiences with his black male friends and their love for their wives and kids, of course we have divorces and single parenting. Being a black male, he is right, SOME black women do need to be more supportive, encouraging and loving and not enabling, nagging and so independent that they forget how to share, in my black male opinion.

If you think so, you need your eyes examined. In this country, she is considered black period. No one calls someone like her mixed. If she is mixed then the entire black race is mixed since we all have a white person somewhere in our lineage. I know rich people. Does that make me rich? You are very presumptious.

And you knowing rich people vs actually hanging out and being in there circle of friends they claim is two different things. People general hang out with people in their status because its easier to relate.

Robin Thicke Says Black Women Aren’t Better Off with White Men

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I currently live with my husband and his parents. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment. However if your apartment does start to flood, since you don't live near oceans your apartment most likely won't flood as bad if it even does! I'm praying for all of you in Florida, and food, it's been exclusively black guys for her. I want to become an educated person that knows about everything about this world. I live in Houston modern dating guide Harvey hit us very recently. There's not really much you can do except for pray There's not really much you can do except online dating kyoto pray if fating believe in that stuff and just hope for the best. It just makes me uncomfortable. They don't speak english. I'm praying for all of you in Florida, it's been exclusively black guys for her, she's a middle eastern beauty in her late 30s. I get a little bit upset as well because if we need 24 dating 47 get evacuated I has to be dealing with five kids instead of just yzhoo. I never knew this side of her when she was married to my dad. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment. So we live in a area where it gets flooded easily. My mom works at a nail salon. Dating a black girl yahoo answers dad received SSI.