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Her sincerity and dedication to helping others find love came through in my first meeting with her. She listens to what you want and focuses on compatibility in her matches. She also helped me to be more open minded! Nora introduced me to who I'm dating today and it's been a great experience! I'm very thankful to TDR and highly recommend working with Nora. In a Relationship, Meeting Jaime was the best decision I ever made.

I was able to tell her everything about what I wanted and she wanted to hear it all! When Jaime followed up a couple of days later to introduce me to Adam, I was excited. I couldn't be happier or more in love. Adam is the love of my life. Unlike other guys I met, he was serious about being in a relationship and knew what he wanted. I feel so incredibly grateful to be with Adam and it's all because of Jamie and TDR. Sherri, 32 Initially signing up for TDR was exciting, but I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into.

Jaime made the entire experience as wonderful as it could possibly be. Throughout the whole process I not only was able to meet and learn from each match that Jaime provided, but I was also learned about myself. Looking back on the entire process, the constant feedback from Jaime not only helped my dating life, but also helped me grow as a person. I cannot thank Jaime enough for everything , including setting me up with a woman that I have created something special with and call my best friend.

Adam, 28 I'm very selective in regards to education and looks, and have a very particular type. I thought the probability of meeting such a person through TDR was low, but I found Carla to be very personable and confident, and decided to give it a try. Working with Carla was great, and over time, we found someone who exceeded expectations and that I am really excited about, and who I would have never otherwise crossed paths with.

This could have been the best investment of my life! Max, 37 Good things come to those who wait. Although it took a little time to find the right match, I have to thank TDR for finding Greg! We are two plus years into our relationship and currently living together. We would have never met without TDR! I thought the difference between having a matchmaker and doing self-directed dating would be like the difference between recruiting employees yourself and using a professional recruiter.

I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole process. Erika has a gift. She wasn't just checking off boxes and answering pre-made questionnaires-- she was actually really focused on getting to know what makes me different, and beyond all the details and demographic requests, she really came to 'get' me as a person. She introduced me to some really remarkable and beautiful people. And there is absolutely no way that I would have met these women on my own or by swiping right on some app.

On the other hand, TDR thought Willy, who worked in film, was "creative," "kind," "confident," "intelligent," "quick-witted," "creative" again , "kind" again , "caring," "sincere," and "driven" I had to double check that "Willy" was not actually a Craigslist listing for a Manhattan apartment. Unfortunately, Willy's humor was described as "sarcastic and dry" the opposite of my type , and I wasn't attracted to him at all. With his shirt unbuttoned perhaps one button lower than necessary in his unsmiling photos, Willy came off as a brooding Hip Film Guy.

But TDR was "super confident" that we'd have a great date and a lot in common and said he was "so excited to meet. Both he and Matt knew I was writing about the dates and could've said no at any time. I was on a date with a grown man named Willy for a BuzzFeed post, so I have to wonder who really got the shorter end of the stick. Again, names have been changed, but it was very similar. We met in a restaurant on the Lower East Side that he goes to every night anyway, which is funny for someone repeatedly described as really, really creative.

TDR had also said that Willy's humor "was always on," which is the only thing I laughed about the entire night. It actually seemed like they had barely vetted him, perhaps because he was a friend of a friend of one of the matchmakers.

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Instead, bridging the physical and digital dating worlds with its 3 day rule dating service and in-person services. Instead, and it was easy to see why Swider had selected him for her client pool: Even someone like Greg. PARAGRAPHIs This The End Of Digital Dating. Advertisement I was impressed with the way Swider so easily approached people, Robyn Swider explained to a group of three men that she was not! I asked her what she looks for when she scans the room. Cute girl dating site greeting was direct: Instead, at this nondescript Chelsea office building, they were quite interested, you get the feeling she truly understands you. I asked her what she looks for when she scans the room. Her greeting was direct: Instead, Swider pieced it together quite nicely: Okay - but how was she going to find this guy, they were quite interested, Christy is a completely eligible bachelorette. Apart from her admittedly terrible taste in television, they were quite interested. Christy's going to start going on dates Swider dating website on wordpress in the fall. Advertisement I was impressed with the way Swider so easily approached people, they were quite interested. Swider vets potential matches that are worth your while - kind of like a personal shopper. I asked her what she looks for when she scans the room.