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Work at making each other feel special, even without seeing each other. All the things you work on during a normal relationship will need extra effort for in a long distance relationship. We had a rule to never go more than six weeks without seeing one another in person and we pretty much stuck to that. We were still living apart when we got married and it took one year after we were married for my green card to arrive, at which point I moved to the states in When we first met she lived about an hour away in San Jose and I lived in San Francisco.

After we got married I was working in San Francisco and she was in Los Angeles and we only got a few days a month to see each other. Make your partner part of your daily life. To maintain a strong relationship, you need to talk on the phone, but preferably something like Skype, as often as you can! My partner and I met in university and had been together for about three and a half years before he had to leave Nigeria for his masters degree in the U.

We were apart for about two years. We had to constantly remind ourselves that the distance was for a short while and as we really wanted to be together, we had to make it work. This sort of gives a perspective on things and helps sail through any difficulties. It also helped in our future plans, as I was more inclined to go consider the U.

He left for the Navy, and then we started dating. That includes your life goals for the coming weeks or months, your family, your job—the big factors that shape your success or happiness. Flawed technology is your ally. Whether you use Skype or FaceTime, the annoying connection problems or delays that interrupt the flow of your conversation force you to pay more attention to her facial expressions and tone of voice, finds a study from Ohio State University.

And your increased focus helps you both communicate more effectively, the researchers explain. They suggest Skype activities like cooking or tandem movie watching to keep things fresh. Add some spice —but not in the kitchen. We mean phone sex, erotic letters or videos, and sexually suggestive pics. Sex is an important part of any relationship, explains Greg Guldner, M. And engaging in some digital foreplay and fornication helps maintain the physical bond severed by geographic challenges, Dr.

Have a real rendezvous , at least once in a while. The more time you spend apart, the more likely you are to build up an idealized, near-perfect image of your far-away partner. Try to arrange a visit at least once a month—especially if you two have never actually spent time living in the same place, the study suggests. The most fruitful bicoastal relationships are ones in which both partners fully believe their situation can work out, Blair says.

When couples doubt the validity of their arrangement, their success plummets, she adds. Embrace your unconventional partnership. Yes, you can make it work. Please confirm the information below before signing in. But most importantly, I think, learn to live without each other and appreciate how much lovelier you feel with them in your life. Learn that you don't need each other. You want each other.

That's the real glue. As long as you respect and trust each other and you know how to make the relationship work best for both of you, who cares what other people say. It's all about you and your SO, not them, anyway. Submitted by Denise Ailen F. Submitted by Michelle Marshall-Behunin. Also, having a scheduled time to talk helps us since I have a crazy busy schedule. Counting down the days until you get to see each other also really helps — even if the number is scarily big!

Submitted by Megan Amirghiasvand. Scrutinizing everything and constantly questioning them only makes things worse , we both learned that quickly. Your sex life will take a huge toll, so you need to get creative. Submitted by Alisha Cogdell. They wrote love letters back and forth to each other by post for a year without seeing each other and met up and married.

And 20 years later, they are still just as in love. They are proof that distance only makes the heart grow fonder. For my own sanity it was important that I didn't give up on doing my own things, always wanting him to be with me. And by living my own adventures I always had stories to tell and to confide in him. That independence brought us closer together.

Submitted by Emma Persaud. I tell people that I treat it much like an actual break up: As for the actual relationship, my biggest tip is TRUST and PATIENCE.

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