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Am I wrong for feeling so indifferent toward this relationship now? All we have left is companionship, but I want more. Adequate to the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos only for him to go and do it without you. No wonder you want to put his personal effects onto the street. Sure, it would have been considerate of your boyfriend to give you a heads-up about the possibility of a detour to this magical place. You also seem inordinately focused on a bizarre scrapbook version of what makes a relationship.

A romantic partner does not exist to provide you with a documentable series of firsts and onlys. That person should be the one with whom you most enjoy sharing the present. So if you want this relationship to continue, snap out of it, and when he returns tell him you want him to go back there someday with you, or that you two should plan a trip somewhere new and memorable.

Dear Prudence, When I started junior high a classmate never missed an opportunity to taunt and make fun of me. In class she would laugh hysterically and make disparaging remarks while the teacher sat silently. I never knew why she targeted me except possibly that I was quiet and nonconfrontational. In the halls she would shove me into the wall or a locker and I was black and blue because of her abuse. No adult ever helped me, my parents didn't believe me, and it continued until we graduated from high school.

We went to different colleges and I haven't seen her since. I know from friends who work there that she works on the floor where I'll be a patient following my surgery. I can contact the nursing supervisor at the hospital and request that she not be assigned to me, but I suspect it would lead to a lot of questions, and in spite of everything I have no desire to cause her problems. There's a pretty good chance she's changed since then, seeing as how she chose a profession that is associated with caring and compassion.

But when I think of the hell she put me through, I don't want her to touch me or participate in my care. What should I do? Dear Panicked, I have gotten letters over the years from people who are anguished by their bullying of an innocent classmate. Often they have said they were abused at home and were acting out their own troubles on someone vulnerable. But even if you live in the same area, it's obviously big enough that you've never run into each other, and if you've married and changed your name it's possible your identity won't even register with her.

You were treated terribly by this classmate, but just as appalling is how the adults in your life enabled this abuse. Instead of worrying about nursing shifts, bring a good book, line up some friends to visit, and focus on your recovery at home. But if she says she knows you, keep the conversation brisk and focused on your needs. I agree with my many critics in the comments section that no matter how much time has passed, the patient shouldn't have to worry about her former bully.

She should contact the nursing supervisor prior to her surgery and say that for personal reasons she doesn't want Nurse X caring for her during her stay. She doesn't have to elaborate beyond that. Thanks to those who've pointed out my error. Dear Prudence, I am a year-old woman living in New York City. Recently, a longtime family friend of my parents came through town for business, and we made plans to go to dinner to catch up.

When Shaneah took the stand against Hernandez, her sister sat in the front row, supporting the former Pats star and father of her two-year-old daughter, Avielle. The sisters, for a time, took similar paths, according to Shaneah's testimony. The women grew up together in Bristol, Connecticut, and both attended Bristol Central High School. They have a year-old younger sister.

Shayanna had an on-and-off relationship with Hernandez that spanned the last two years of high school. When Hernandez went off to Florida to play football, Shayanna went to community college. After Hernandez was drafted by the Patriots in , Shayanna left college and moved with him to a Massachusetts condo. Victim Odin Lloyd's girlfriend, Shaneah Jenkins, appeared overwhelmed on Wednesday as Hernandez was jailed for life. Aaron Hernandez reacts after being found guilty of first-degree murder and other charges on Wednesday.

He was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole in Fall River, Massachusetts. The family moved into a mansion in North Attleborough, not far from Gillette Stadium. Shaneah, like her sister, enrolled in community college but later transferred to Central Connecticut State University. Shayanna Jenkins, pictured in her senior yearbook photo in She began dating Hernandez while she was at Bristol Central High School. She held down several jobs while majoring in criminology: Her older sister, who had also once worked there, helped her get the job.

It was there that Shaneah met Lloyd, who was doing electrical work with a crew staying at the hotel, in January By March, they were dating. They talked every day and after Lloyd's work in Connecticut ended, their relationship deepened. Lloyd and Hernandez first met in August , when, for the younger sister's birthday, Hernandez got a skybox for a Patriots game at Gillette Stadium. After that, the men saw each other a few times a month, Shaneah told the court.

She would stay with her sister and Hernandez when she went to Massachusetts to visit Lloyd every couple of weeks. During those visits, while the sisters would hang out upstairs, go shopping or get their nails done, Lloyd and Hernandez would sometimes hole up in the basement 'man cave' and smoke marijuana, often with other people, Shaneah testified. A few times, the couples went to clubs together. By May , Shaneah graduated college and had big plans: She was moving to Boston, she testified, and she and Lloyd were planning to move in together.

Shaneah, now a second-year criminal law student, tearfully testified about getting the call from police in the middle of the night. She called her mother. Her next call was to her older sister.

Dating my dead girlfriends twin sister (easy 10 points)?

Help! My Wife Died in an Accident Years Ago. Can I Marry Her Sister?

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