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We think in the long run our business model is more sustainable and will be better equipped to truly deliver consistent end user value. Moreover, there is also another element of our business model that is one-of-a-kind. WHAT IS SOCIAL IMPACT DATING Our core values center on respect of our members and respect for honest business practices. TEAM Friends Date Network came about as the brainchild of Jason Lee; a leading online dating industry critic who spent nearly 5 years researching the behaviors of singles on dating sites as well as the strengths and weaknesses of top dating platforms and mobile dating apps.

After exhaustive research into all facets of existing business models for dating sites and mobile dating apps, Jason Lee reached the conclusion the internet dating business is moving from a growth stage into a more flat or even declining stage and that as a result ultimately the business is not best suited as a premium service. Membership fees hinder growth and open the brand to limitations which are not otherwise present when offering a free service.

Moreover, his research showed as barriers to entry are further reduced and as user acquisition costs continue to rise the only way to build a service that could gain wide brand recognition was to focus on providing an excellent user experience while substantially pushing down the costs of business operations.

This is the story of how Friends Date Network came to be. Those decisions enable us to offer the same or better service as a paid dating site, but completely free to all our members. Likewise our business model and technology platform adapt perfectly to markets all around the world and through being the first social impact powered dating network we also have a value proposition that resonates extraordinarily with REAL people.

Since we have continuously expanded our brands and rapidly grown our membership base. One day at a time, one date at a time we work to earn the trust of our members and our members repay us with their referrals to their friends and family members. Everyday, people just like you share our completely free dating sites with their friends and with each new member the overall community strengthens.

We consider our customers to be our friends. CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEDGE At Friends Date Network you can always rely on us for courteous and prompt follow-up. Our quick and easy support page makes it easy to get your questions answered and we are always committed to making sure we provide you with exceptional service. Our support email is fast and efficient and there are never needless forms or hoops to jump through! You are part of a family of singles when you are a members of one of the Friends Date Network dating sites.

YOUR PRIVACY COMES FIRST! We never sell or share your information to a 3rd party. We respect our members privacy and would never jeopardize our position of trust with our members. When you join any of the Friends Date Network free dating sites you can rest assured your your privacy is placed above all else. We have extensive measures in place to protect your personal information. I'd love to learn new culture, meet new friends would be good if you're vegan , and maybe pen pals.

Handwriting mail or card gives a personal touch don't you think? Patrice 55 Online dating in Martigny , All Regions, Switzerland Hello, I'll learn English during one week at the end of May in Malta and looking for a nice women to make me visited your island Kirti 59 Online dating in Geneva, All Regions, Switzerland Hello I am warm, friendly, an extrovert and committed christian albeit not fanatical. Enjoy people and looking for a true friend whom I can trust and share my life as a friend after a messy divorce.

I have one child but she is with the mother. Eric 57 Online dating in Zurich, All Regions, Switzerland Well, this is hard to do, I attempt to see the good in all things and live on the positive side of the street. I have such a passion for life. I love my job and have the most amazing family. I would say I am young at heart,you know the mind never catches up to the body. I believe I make a good friend and lover.

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