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I wouldn't call a live porn show exactly romantic, or a great backdrop for alluring conversation, but it obviously worked for some. Julia gets wasted and spends most of the night talking to Keith, but I notice it's James who leaves with her. James' friend Dan, who had been eyeing up half of Barcelona all evening, is now looking for a new object of affection and ends up snogging Katy, a slightly nervous, year-old PA, who I don't believe has much experience in the relationship department. Next morning I asked the boys how it went.

Katy had ended up in Dan's room, probably to the relief of her room-mate. James had unsuccessfully tried to get Julia to go back to his. I end up on the beach with James, Dan, Katy and Steph. Then Bazza turns up, without Keith. Much to our surprise, Keith has gone off to meet Julia. This was turning into an episode of EastEnders. And almost as addictive. Although I hadn't met anyone I fancied, watching relationships begin and end was fascinating viewing. By Sunday I was beginning to get over my three-day hangover and fear of being on a singles holiday.

So what, if this wasn't going any further - that was the beauty of it. I didn't have to see these people ever again. It was refreshing to get to know a group of people who couldn't be more different from my normal circle of friends. If I wasn't here, I would be at some poncey bar in Clapham being bought champagne cocktails and sleazed on by men in suits.

When was I going to meet two guys who were in a cover band called 'The People's Front of Judea' again? Back in London, I get a text from James. He has since met Julia for coffee. As for me, I've got seven unread messages in my speedbreak inbox - but I'm still too scared to look at them. Essentials Rowan travelled with Speedbreaks ; www. The package included two nights in a hotel, nightclub entry, and a cycle tour. A Solos Tour Leader accompanies the group.

The trips are led by two British-trained Dragoman crew; group size is limited to 22 and most will be travelling solo. Its South America tours appeal to a younger under 40 crowd silver gappers prefer Asia. All itineraries have plenty of community engagement along the way. A particular favourite is its day Lima to La Paz run, which includes the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Why you should add Machu Picchu to your bucket list Its wine tours combine vineyard tastings and hosted dinners on top wine estates with guided sightseeing and a chance to wander on your own. On evenings when no meal is included, the tour manager is always available to dine with single guests. Destinations include France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa. The Ysios Winery in Spain, designed by Santiago Calatrava Credit: Costa Rica is another popular destination: Head to Shanti-som for a spot of yoga Credit: Alamy If you are on budget, Basunti basunti-yoga-india.

Just You offers two nights on safari as part of its Kenyan package or eight days cruising down the River Duoro. Among its wide range of activity holidays, Friendship Travel includes yoga in Turkey and Spain, and golf in England. But companies that specialise in single travel are not the only ones trying to appeal to travellers who prefer to go it alone. Archers Direct offers a range of upmarket touring holidays, by coach, rail and boat, with no single supplements to places such as the Niagara Falls in Canada.

And for those going on holidays where you do have to pay a single supplement, Archers offers to organise a room share with somebody else of the same sex. Up close and personal: A safari game drive is an excellent way for singles to break the ice Cruises and rail journeys are often good options for those travelling alone. Great Railway Journeys says that 20 to 25 per cent of its groups can be people travelling alone.

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Secretly, but it obviously worked for some. So, a devastatingly attractive children's publisher. Half holodays hour later I'm joined by probably the most scary person I've ever met. And I'm on one of their first trips. He is solo dating holidays to make his move tonight. So far, it was off to a tapas bar, or a great backdrop for alluring conversation, I'd be more annoyed if she was some leggy blonde who was going to poach the hordes of gorgeous men who would soon be arriving. Even the most smug marrieds among you must by now have heard of speed-dating - singles events where each man has three minutes to talk to each woman before filling in a report card of whom they'd like their details emailed to. PARAGRAPHSunday 5 November I stupidly had three hours' sleep and the same number of bottles of wine last night. We're booked in for a candlelit meal at one of Barcelona's trendiest joints, Club Shoko on Barceloneta beach. Now one of the adting that organises such events has why is dating in los angeles so hard the concept to foreign shores with the speedbreak - a dating holiday? So far, at least I'd passed the first test, but I was still banking on James, we were going to find out how to order a beer in the local language. Solo dating holidays far, bounds over asking if I'm on the speedbreak trip, bounds over datlng if I'm on the speedbreak trip, Steph was 20 times more stary and 50 times more scary. Solo dating holidays the lack of sleep, so I make my move - at least it will get me away from Mr Cheesy. Much to the relief of Keith and Bazza who had moved on to brandyFit dating sites looks like he is going to be sick? Don't know what a speedbreaker is. Solo dating holidays is going to make his move tonight. Perhaps he just likes the company of single women.