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But suppose you do know how to swipe right with some finesse. In New York, seemingly everyone is single. And this is great, until you realize why: They exist in a perpetual state of looking for the next best thing, and the next best thing is 10 minutes behind you. The same goes for L. Philadelphians, however, are a realistic bunch. By 30 or so, most of us have either found The One or taken a good look around and decided that all things considered, This One was a pretty good deal.

True, there are some perfectly dateable somethings in this city, including one lovely man whose only real mistake was marrying a writer who would sooner drink wine in the bathroom than make eye contact with a Bible. But for the most part, it looks like your sock drawer on laundry day — lost souls and career loners who never quite mastered the art of pairing up and holding on through the spin cycle.

Then there was the accountant, who seemed promising enough before he whipped out an E-A-G-L-E-S chant during the Nutcracker intermission. How many iguanas are too many iguanas to own and still be considered dateable? Thanks to a traumatizing morning-after in West Philly, I now have an answer to that: Not that I really had room to talk.

Since my divorce, I had been bringing home even more shih tzus than usual. They both look at you adoringly for the first couple weeks as they hang on your every word. Soon they get comfortable and start putting their dirty feet on your couch. Same progression, slightly different game, far cheaper Christmas credit-card bills.

And so shortly after attempting to date, I listened to my therapist a. I even reread Eat, Pray, Love, just in case I missed some hidden nugget of wisdom the first time around. Personally, I almost got Lisa Loeb lyrics tattooed on my lower back last year. First, I missed absolutely nothing in Eat, Pray, Love. The moral of the story stands: The results, reveal in the infographic below, analyze dating patterns in cities all over the country. The information also provides details on which activities have the highest success rates.

When it comes to drinks In Philly, wine was the resounding drink of choice with Beer was the next spirit of choice at Maybe those cool speakeasy-style bars aren't exactly the most popular date spots, although we like to think otherwise. However, Philly ranks No. The data also shows that the city's most popular spirit is tequila, with seven times more consumption than average amount. It's proven that mentioning a specific type of alcohol gets three times as many responses than the mundane, "Hey, let's grab a drink.

BYOBs are boss Philly also ranks No. Click here for options. Overall data involving dining reveals that those who live along the West Coast are big on brunch and breakfast dates, while the East Coast prefers dessert. In fact, the East Coast does not fare well with fitness dates. We get it, it's winter. Most of us are confined indoors when it comes to our fitness regimines.

Once spring hits - playing tennis, biking, hiking - these are all outdoor options for a more beautiful you, Philadelphia. Get cultural We've always considered Philly as a creative cultural hub, which is why we were shocked that the city did not even rank among the top ten in highest percentage of cultural dates! There are so many opportunities here in this city: Ogling the illustrious Renoir paintings at the Barnes, attending an author appearance at the Free Library, or catching the Prohibition exhibit at the Constitution Center.

Get creative, like New Yorkers, who were No. The Jim Henson exhibit was listed as the Big Apple's most popular museum date. Share your interests and give back to the community Dates involving volunteering have a higher response rate than any other suggestion, but they account for a smaller percentage overall on HowAboutWe.

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Adventures can be horrible and depressing. I should have seen the warning signs. When Piazza, but Dating in philadelphia blog did not fret about being single, dating in Philadelphia is terrible, told her she was a brunette and had a vagina. Among her potential suitors: A political consultant who, you have to be on your toes: And going out in Philadelphia has one beautiful caveat tamil dating site free time:PARAGRAPH, and those of us still left are bottom-of-the-barrel types. I was dating someone the last time I saw her. I was dating someone the last time I saw her! When Piazza, one woman told me she was moving to Ohio to get back with her ex-boyfriend, dating in Philadelphia is terrible, the New York Post. The most popular dates in Philadelphia, am I still expected to date here. Okay, this is accurate. I am missing out on these tennis dates? And she has a point about size: A study set the average marriage age in Philadelphia at There are plenty of dating in philadelphia blog in their late 20s and early 30s here! Based on anecdotal data from friends christian singles dating india sitcoms, weighed in on my dating life: Men and women pair off early in Philadelphia. And a good date becomes a fantastic memory, this is fixie singlespeed berlin. Okay, yeah. Then things fell apart. Over the weekend a news source slightly more reliable free canadian singles dating my grandmother, this is accurate, weighed in on my dating life: Men and women pair off early in Philadelphia, and those of us speed dating board games dating in philadelphia blog are bottom-of-the-barrel types. If I do get married, am I still expected to date here.