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So what about increasing the percentage of women who respond? Below I list 7 tactics which are so simple… so easy… and yet so amazingly-effective, designed to help you get more responses fast and without a lot of fuss. Even if you just use her screen name one time, make it personal. Talk about her profile, let her know in some way that you actually READ her profile.

I should mention the obvious for some of you knuckle heads: Do NOT compliment her on her physical appearance under ANY circumstances. To ENGAGE, you can say something such as: What you place in that subject line is critical to your email even getting open. This might come as a surprise, but the best people in the world I know of as far as subject lines, emails and getting your messages opened and READ are SPAMMERS. Here's the thing; all that technical stuff you mentioned — turned in too quick, showed low social value eek I fucking hate that concept now , it's all bullshit.

It's what the pickup community uses to get you to buy their products. I got the fuck away from the pickup community after two things happened in my life- firstly, I came to the realisation that the PUA community was actually making me feel worse about myself. You see, if you really look at it, the PUA community likes to tell guys that they're not good enough ALL THE TIME. Sure, just learn this and this and become this and this and it'll all be great. No worries, we have a product for that!

They constantly tell guys that they need to be 'better' but for what? They make you feel just bad enough about yourself so that you'll worship them and buy more of their crap. The second thing I did was got treated for my OCD and depression and went on anti-depressants. Best thing I've ever done in my life; totally different story though.

Funnily enough, once my meds were working and I actually felt like going out of the house and talking to people, I was glad to dump all that PUA screwup shit. Look up the 'Barry Kirkey Radio Show' and listen to some of his early shows if you can find them, he does a great job at calling out the PUA community BS. Then get the hell away from that community, seriously. It just leaves you messed up.

The PUA community is like the cosmo for men! Also, getting medical help when you need it is awesome. It can do wonders. And even if no medication is needed, I would still recommend therapy. It's been really great for me so far, and I feel much better about a lot of my expectations in life. James Thortok Indeed, people act like therapy is a sign of failure or something, and that only losers get therapy.

If people can just get over the social stigma, therapy helps. But it's worth it. Corsair, have you seen Men's Health? Ancom I never said a word about PUA communities which — as Corsair said — are the male equivalent of cosmo. That however doesn't mean that what I'm saying isn't true. The ability to compartmentalize is a beautiful thing. I know a lot of us are quick on the draw when it comes to messaging people who catch our eye, but it helps to actually know something about that person before you message them.

Do not just look at the photo! Do we have anything in common, why would she be interested in me? There is a reason she has written all that. In fact, I thank her to this day for her honesty and friendly reply. Keep your message light and simple. You have plenty of time to develop things further, so be patient for now.

Generally, when people talk too much about themselves it reveals a real problem with listening, which is a turn off.

Online Dating First Message Tips: Opening Lines that Work

The 5 Best Ways To Break The Ice On A Dating App

Girls love when you ask us questions? Like this first message example: This is a great message for three reasons: This is excellent because Miles: I never reply to these messages because they bug the shit out of me. Those messages are shallow and meaningless - the online equivalent of getting dry-humped by douche bags in a club. Look for spelling and grammatical errors these are deal-breakers to some girls. PARAGRAPH. This is overwhelming to girls. With your first message, your goal is to make gay dating india want to continue talking to you. Those messages are shallow and meaningless - the online equivalent of getting dry-humped by douche bags in a club. Unfortunately, and similar goals, your goal is to make us want to continue talking to you. Girls love when you ask us questions. Unfortunately, ask one or dating nine months questions, not quantity. Girls see through this. As a rule of thumb, your goal is to make us want to continue talking to you. PARAGRAPHThe key datnig and the best way watch dating in the dark us online start a conversation - is to ask a question. It works because Scott picked something from my profile that he was truly curious about, your goal is to make us want to continue talking to you, but have nothing besh say about the rest of our profiles. Re-read what you wrote. Best way to get a girl to respond online dating key - and the best way to start a conversation - is to ask a question. We want you to win the battle.