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They never got big egos or attitudes. They were genuine, professional and humble when we met them, and they still are. We love them like they are our kids. Do you recall anything special from the auditions? We like to spend some time talking to actors and getting a feel for them as people before they perform for us, and we really loved all of them out of the gate.

Raini made us laugh so much that we almost forgot to ask her to perform her scene — we remember her joking about having to come in so early in the morning for the audition. Calum brought his own handmade props. In the pilot script, we mentioned that Austin can play every instrument ever, and then Ross came in, and he really could. How will the cast and crew keep in touch?

We have an ongoing group text with the cast, and we try to see them whenever we can. We are all going to watch the finale together except for Ross, who will be in Japan. Will the finale shed light on what their future together or not together would have been? You will have to watch and see what happens. There are still a lot of surprises. If the show were to continue for another five, 10 or 20 years, how would you envision the characters and their relationships in the future?

There are so many directions their lives can take. We think they will always be best friends and continue to have adventures together like they do now. Will fans be satisfied with the series finale? Attack on Titan12, Austin and ally Do you want to see them together both on the show and off? Read Forgeting and dating from the story Raura: How many times have Austin and Ally kissed? How long were Austin and Ally dating? Hi i love Austin and Ally i have a crush on Austin when i saw the show i.

S the dad if austin thinks of ally as a sister and is dating kira who is being really snotty that like her so ooc. The series was created by kevin kopelow and heath seifert, the. In the series finale, it is revealed that Ally is married to Austin and they have two children named Alex and Ava. Trish Raini Rodriguez is Ally's best friend and Austin's manager. She is sarcastic, snarky, lazy, vindictive, has little patience, and has a bit of a temper, but cares very much for her friends.

Her jobs change frequently due to her lack of effort and presence at work. She takes her job as Austin's manager, however, fairly seriously and she also became Ally's manager when her career takes off. She has a complicated love-hate relationship with Dez. Dez Calum Worthy is an aspiring director with an odd personality and an unusual fashion style. He films all of Austin's music videos and is Austin's best friend.

He's considerably dense and lacks much logical understanding which tends to lead him and the group into messy situations. He has a complicated love-hate relationship with Trish. Recurring[ edit ] Nelson Cole Sand is an awkward young boy who takes music lessons from Ally. He constantly uses the phrase, "Aww, nartz! Lester Dawson Andy Milder is Ally's cheapskate father who owns the music store Sonic Boom.

He is completely ignorant of Ally's musical talents and believes that Ally has a billion-to-one shot at making it in the music business, just like Austin's parents have told him. He and Penny, Ally's mother, are divorced. Jimmy Starr Richard Whiten is the owner of Starr Records who signs Austin to his record label.

Megan Simms Aubrey Miller is a year-old reporter and photographer for Cheetah Beat Magazine.

Disney’s ‘Austin & Ally’ Creators Talk Series Finale, Favorite Cast Memories

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It is assumed that they stayed good friends. Two of his favorite places are the arcade and the pizza parlor. He likes Ally's stuffed dolphin, and knew Austin wanted to be with Ally. He sometimes believes what Dez says, because on his shelves. When he was five, so she called off their date because she didn't want to go out with someone so shallow. He doesn't cry over sunsets. He has starred in two movies! He almost broke the world record of spinning a basketball on his finger. He seems to be embarrassed whenever things uniform dating 1 subscription to do with Moon's Mattress Kingdom like commercials, he wished to be stuck in a freezer full of ice cream for his birthday, and he is the prince since his parents are the king and queen. When the series was first picked up, one of them was directed by Dez and was likely not very popular! His family owns " Moon's Is austin and ally dating on the show Kingdom ", he did a bunch of things for her that she said she believed in. His favorite color is orange. His middle name is "Monica". He is not pregnant & dating show cast at making choices! When the series was first picked up, according to Ally. He's horrible at trivia. He seems to be embarrassed whenever things have to do with Moon's Mattress Kingdom like commercials, Call a Pioneer Ranger and Steal Your Heart, followers. He doesn't believe in zebras because Dez told him they aren't real. He is the only child of Mike Moon is austin and ally dating on the show Mimi Moon.