Dating Someone Over 3000


Half of me is thinking The other half of me wants to be an adventurist and just DO IT. Either way, he says that even if I don't go there, he will come to America. I'm just confused because this seems so radical to me, which it is, I know. Part of me is thinking I may just be so infatuated because he is from a foreign place, good looking, he's just something different than what I'm used to. I get bored with guys easily But for some reason, he's held on to my attention even through typing on keyboards over the internet.

Self admittedly, I feel that it is pretty pathetic. I am reminded of the opening of the movie "You've Got Mail" a lot, when they can't wait to check their email. I find myself opening MSN before I even brush my teeth in the morning, just to say a few words to him before saying, "brb, I have to get ready". The minute I get home from work I go straight to my computer, which is something I've never done in repetition before. He tells me he does the same. I'm confused as to what I should do.

I feel in my heart that I have found a soul-mate and if not that a best friend. I'm scared to think that if I go to visit him, I may be risking a lot of things. I'm scared that I'll be a depressive mess if we do get along and I have to come back to my lonely house in boring small town America. I'm also scared to think that if I actually picked up and moved there, which I could see myself doing also. Be patient with each other. Just like you, they have a life to manage: And just think of this: But still make time for each other.

Give each other time to respond, but make sure you always eventually respond. Find something to trust. Your mind might play tricks on you and you might convince yourself of completely absurd but at the time, convincing scenarios. You have to find something to trust, and find that something as soon as possible. What do you choose to trust? It could be anything though, not just the person as a whole.

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