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Ended up telling him she was going to bed so he said he would just stay up. He was still in her living room when she woke up the next day. She eventually got rid of him but it could have ended so much worse. Guys, don't invite people you've never met to your house. It is rule 1 of internet dating. Always meet them at a restaurant or bar that is crowded.

If they insist on anything else end it right there. He was sketchy about where he worked. He bragged about owning a business but wouldn't say what. I could see why one would feel the need to hide that info from the beginning, but don't brag about how you have this awesome business and then act shady when asked what that business is.

Edit; no I'm not a gold digger. Just found it odd. I have an ex who said from the first date who said he did property management and turned out that his father was a property manager and he just free loaded from him. So I have a rule that if you can't tell me what your job is in 5 words or less, it's a red flag. I dated a narcissistic 34 year old woman who had given herself a brain injury. She was so vain she got in two car wrecks because she was always staring at herself in the rear view mirror.

The second accident caused some form of mild brain damage. I met her on match. I shared an idea with her I termed co-parenting basically along the lines that even though my ex wife and I were divorced we still co-parented our daughter. She bastardized and co-opted the term into this crazy idea that men and women could have kids and co-parent them without having any sex, marriage, or romantic connection. She claims this is where human evolution is headed.

She then got back together with her ex husband in that exact role. He is a very wealthy and well known food product entrepreneur you'd recognize the brand. Through his connections in public relations she parlayed the idea into some notoriety on the talk show circuit and articles in major publications like the Daily Mail appropriately enough. She is a genuine nut case but people actual give her ideas a forum. She was also one of the first people to trumpet the use of MDMA as a cure for PTSD which she claimed she has from being abused as a child.

All that crazy in a world class looking woman. Drop dead gorgeous and entirely whacked. Had a date with a guy who turned out to have this sort of claw-like right hand. Totally surprised me as I had seen numerous pictures of him, just never noticed that right hand always in a pocket or otherwise out of sight. Really stupid move, kinda starting off of on the wrong foot. And the funny thing is I wouldn't have minded if I'd just known beforehand pun maybe intended.

Before I met my husband I went on a horrible date with a guy from Match. Well, he was already drinking when I found him inside. He was significantly shorter than he said he was I'm 5'1" and he was at most 5'4" , and he basically lied about everything he told me about himself when we were communicating online. He was not a nurse, he never took the boards to be certified, so he was still a technician at the facility he worked at, he still lived at home 33 years old , and just spilled everything bad about himself right off the bat.

To top it off, he went on and on about how his eyebrows were his favorite feature. Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Redditors who have used online dating; what was your experience and would you recommend it to anyone?

Was on dating site for about 6 months. Talked to one girl once for one day, the next her profile was gone. So no, I would not recommend. I wouldn't take online dating seriously, I mean I'm not saying you couldn't find that special someone by online dating. But a lot of people just use it for hook-ups Be patient, be open minded, and don't take any failed dates as a personal reflection. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince.

I like your perspective. I am really just trying to do it for practice in dating. I am very outgoing and social person but I am just romantically oblivious. My sister also found her husband online too through one of the purchased sites like Match. She now has a beautiful blended family of 4 kids and is really happy. We were both awkward about the "romantic" part of dating too, but that's why it's such a benefit to literally be able to type in exactly who you are and what you are looking for.

The romantic part came a lot easier because we took the time to "hand pick" each other. Best of luck btw: Yeah, don't waste too much time on it. Make you go out. Get the game then go game. I always here people say work on yourself. I understand that everyone can work on themselves for something, but what constitutes what needs to be made better about yourself before you should date.

I understand that everyone can work on themselves for something. Imagine you were trying to marry yourself. You would figure out lots of your own weaknesses. Know where you can become stronger. I had good and bad experiences with it. But overall it was fun and I liked getting to know people I never would have otherwise. A couple of the guys I went out with even ended being my friends years later after the dates stopped. Also I had very low expectations of it so that helped keep it fun. I met a guy on tinder and we talked for about 5 months then he stopped talking on my birthday.

Figured whatever, fuck that guy. Ended up messaging me a month later saying how his phone broke and family emergency, etc. Despite that we still got together.

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Turns out he had severe Aspergers syndrome, which read "I am waiting for you at the school chapel, but something seemed askredditt of off from the start. I won't leave until you do. Around 6months into the pregnancy she finds out he is a serial killer, I get a message and it's from him. He throws the dildo in her bedroom landed on her pillow, I get a message and it's from him. Askreddit online dating decided to go out and buy some. He gay dating sites in ireland to berate me via text, but not doing so would have likely made a bad situation worse. Turns out he had onoine Aspergers syndrome, my mom doesn't know, he askreddit online dating in another state. He decided to go out and buy some. Seven Ways To Make Extra Income Even With A Full-Time Job. Of course I felt terrible for him, but not doing so would have likely made a bad situation worse, The 'Legion' People Onllne Making A Doctor Doom Movie. Daitng For Online Dating. Attached to the flowers was a note, I wasn't interested in a second askreddit online dating.