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There is also a border crossing between the small villages of Mali Selmentsi and Velke Slemence, Slovakia open only Holders of different passports will be rejected. This border crossing is of no particular importance to tourists; its only advantage is the absence of queues, which are ubiquitous at border crossings for cars, especially at those on major routes. Instead of waiting several hours, you can get to the other side in a matter of minutes through this border crossing.

Get around[ edit ] Be aware that all foreigners are subject to higher security measures by police when travelling on public transport, especially intercity forms of it. If you are caught outside your base city without your official documents, be prepared for a big fine unconfirmed. The quickest way to get around big cities is the mini buses or subway only in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih: You can generally flag them down or ask them to stop at places other than the specified bus stops.

The fare is paid as soon as you get in, and is fixed no matter how far you want to go. This is the same for the conventional buses, tram, trolley-buses and the Metro. Tell the driver that you want to get off when you are approaching the destination or press the designed button to give a signal. Each city has an intercity bus station from which you can go pretty much anywhere in Ukraine. Fares and quality of service vary widely, depending on provider.

By train[ edit ] Trains are operated by state-owned Ukrainian Railways [1]. Tickets may be purchased online on http: E-ticket will be sent to your email. Customer service officer may be contacted by SKYPE do not wait until adding you as friend, just send a message and wait for reply. Website is designed to purchase mostly tickets between cities in different regions and also tickets for international trains departing from Ukraine.

ID document is required upon boarding. You do not have to print a ticket purchased online however it's better , but you must have it at least in your smartphone. Tickets purchased online can be refunded. Tickets to travel within region are also available but that will be just buying a segment ticket of inter-region train - they are more expensive and usually take more time. So to travel from City 1 of region A to City 2 of region A it is suggested to go to local train station to buy a ticket.

While these tickets within same region may be available for purchase only in person ID document is not required , the schedule is available online in English language here: Another way to find routes between two exact stations of all routes that go through the exact station: From the other side, they are punctual, reliable and very cheap EUR For example, a journey from Lviv to Kyiv about km will cost you: Generally, in Ukraine, for long distance the train is preferred over the bus because of their comfort and because often they are even cheaper and safe.

The "Lux" sleeping cars have a two-berth cabin. Second class has cabins with four berths. Third class has six berths through which the aisle passes. The most common scam quoted is the wallet scam. Supposedly the scammer walks ahead of the tourist and drops his wallet. The tourist, being good-natured of course, picks up the wallet and returns it to the scammer. The scammer appears grateful but, after counting the money in his wallet, announces that some of his cash as missing.

At some point during the inspection he secretly pockets some cash, before handing it back and informing the tourist he is innocent and can go on his way. Anybody that has actually visited the city will know that there are far too many real police in such places. Marriage and dating scams are quite relatively common. Many foreign men are tempted to Kiev by the prospect of a relationship with a young and beautiful Ukrainian woman.

In most cases these so-called relationships usually begin online, through a dating agency website or social network. Although some of these women are genuinely looking for love, many are simply professional daters exploiting the desperation and generosity of these foreigners. The scams can start before the foreigner even arrives in the city.

The woman will come up a sob story about a sick child, dying mother, or how she needs money for a visa and plane ticket to visit her new love. More often than not though, these women will wait until the foreign man is in Ukraine and is most susceptible to their charms. Shopping extravaganzas and visits to expensive restaurants are the usual methods of extracting cash.

Taxi scams are also common but can easily be avoided. Book a taxi by phone or use an online ordering service and you should be given a price. Many taxi drivers will attempt to charge you an exorbitant fee, only revealed at the end of the journey. The road from Boryspil Airport to Kiev is in pretty good shape, as are most of those in the city centre. Outside of the capital most roads are in an appalling state. Reckless and poor driving is the norm. Ukrainian drivers commonly use the sidewalk as an extra lane or car park At the time of writing July the most recent credible data we can find shows that the roads in Ukraine are amongst the most dangerous in Europe..

Statistics for compiled by the World Health Organisation show that the road traffic death rate in Ukraine is Only a handful of European countries such as Russia, Armenia, Bosnia, Moldova, and Belarus have higher rates. The rate for the UK was 3. In Kiev the Metro system will take you to most places worth visiting. Taxis are cheap provided you stick to the guidelines noted above. If you are travelling to another city or town take the train or bus. Health It is not safe to drink water from the tap.

Our advice is to follow the locals and drink bottled water, and filter and boil tap water for cooking.

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