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Pro VPN, Grindr Xtra Gay dating app , Hushed, Tinder, BBM. Apparently, Nigerian-built apps, or apps targeted primarily at Nigerians, are hardly popular. The only Nigerian app that manages to be on any top list is Open Heavens A few other observations: Android users in Nigeria spend most of their money on games. However, not a single Nigerian-made game has been able to crack monetization. Speaking of money-making games, Candy Crush remains the highest grossing game in Nigeria.

Just take a look at the top paid apps. For this single fact of it been around for more than 10 years, it had been one of the stable and established dating sites in Nigeria that you are sure to find your type. Yes… it has a whole lot of members on it. Interestingly, this Nigerian site is free to the core; nothing like paying for any premium membership. You register by providing the normal sign up information including blood group, religion, occupation, marital status, drinking habit etc.

This dating site have features like Instant Messaging, Chatting, forum, blogging application, and your own internal email — all these is to help improve your user experience which will help to ensure good communications between singles. One good feature about Sexy Naija is allowing you to send gift to a potential lover. Friendite is more than just a dating site; its members can share photos, videos, create events, wall news feed, blogs and groups, read latest news and play games with other members.

But he achieved so many things. Banks reform, privatisations of many sectors like communication gsm , Nafdac, and so on. Even the debts that he and others had previously accumulated was cleared by the reprieve sourced by Okonjo iweala at the time. Not that I like him though, because he allowed mundane things to overcome him. What did their states governors achieved? Do they even know their local goverment chairperson? Otitokoro-ButSayIt Good u were able to mention a few thing. Do us a favour and mention what GEJ achieved!!!

Beejay OBJ achieved GSM; He achieved debt write offs; He recovered several billions of stolen money from Abacha, Alamesigha and others; It was during his time that NAFDAC waged the greatest war against drug peddlers. I can continue on and on. No wonder they are using you to eat bread and agidi. They might as well use your tie tight you to a pole like a goat.

If you follow the news, mumu, most of the Abacha loots was not paid back during OBJ term. They got court orders then but former transfer took place during Yaradua term and some recently. WHAT IS YOUR POINT? O please spare us. This shameless man is a big thief, who stole even more than the people he mentioned. GSM would have come anyway. Sleeping with female members of his cabinet amongst all other disgusting stuff, an achievement?

Eniola E ka bo, owon omo baba. Tell me, which part of this is a lie. I am not a fan of OBJ but compare with current and past Nigeria leaders, he is far better. You want more Power Act, EFCC, Sell off business that government has no business being involve in. Now, tell what GEJ has accomplish to date other talking about transformation.

It is what it is and you either can point to or talk about your own accomplishments or not.

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I believe as Mike sees niigeria that OBJ online dating site greece corrupt, then most comments that I read in the various newspapers are not sincere. Do they even know their local goverment chairperson. I openly campaigned for him and wish he get there. Sadly what they created still exist in Africa today. The intention was to create political divisions of the continent, others will not take too. It is to give governance and people new direction of openness nigeria dating apps accountability. Nigeria is not ready nigeria dating apps Jonathan style and niberia is a reason for his style. If all the followers are bad, I always think they cannot be objective. Can u point to an achievement under your GEJ. Isa Gwaram The senate president was merely a face of the nigeria dating apps. So we need a smart, but he was in a position a rare position now gone to steady this country forever, there is hardly any president that achieved nothing.