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The English champion was the redoubtable Dame Cathleen Kenyon, her American adversary was Robert Braidwood. It was a case of Jericho v. I never imagined that I would one day find myself involved in a similar situation. Yet this is how our subject advances, by constant probing, questioning, and refining. In my case, the debate concerns the dating and origin of the Bronze Age in South-east Asia. Over the past 30 years, I have excavated five or six Bronze Age sites.

When I began, research on the topic was in its sensational infancy, generated when Wilhelm Solheim announced he had uncovered at Non Nok Tha in North-east Thailand the earliest evidence in the world for copper-base metallurgy. At once, the archaeological community was divided between those prepared to accept his claim, and the sceptics. For me, it began in , at Ban Chiang in North-east Thailand.

The site had achieved great prominence in Thailand because of the discovery there of very beautiful Iron Age painted pottery vessels. They were reproduced on Thai postage stamps, and the King himself had visited the excavations. These pots had also stimulated a frenzy of looting fed by American servicemen from the nearby air-force base: So the University of Pennsylvania and the Thai Fine Arts Department appointed Chester Gorman and Pisit Charoenwongsa to direct new excavations.

I was invited to study the faunal remains. We found two undisturbed parts of the site, one in a backyard and the other under a narrow lane. Over two seasons, we worked our way down through Iron Age, Bronze Age, and Neolithic layers that included human graves. During our excavations, several leading specialists in early metallurgy visited to find out for themselves the nature of the site and context of the early bronzes.

Towards the end of the second season, the grave of a young man was found in burial 76, a deep and early context. He was interred with a socketed bronze spear. Dating this sequence has involved three stages. In the first, we collected charcoal fragments from graves for radiocarbon dating. In , based on two of the resulting radiocarbon determinations, Chester and Pisit reported in the journal Expedition that the early Bronze Age dated from BC and the Iron Age from at least BC.

This carried with it a remarkable corollary: In , I excavated a nearby site of Ban Na Di. Here, we found more Bronze and Iron Age burials in contexts dated by charcoal in the furnaces used to bring copper to melting point before casting. Our dates were much later than the equivalent layers at Ban Chiang. This so pleased the sceptics, unconvinced by the claims for Ban Chiang, that I was asked in to give the Mortimer Wheeler lecture on this issue at the British Academy.

By then, most tragically, Chester Gorman had died.

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