Dating A Ghetto Guy


Anyhow, this post is interesting to me since I primarily date black men. Let's see if I fit your categories. Urban Women- These women usually love Black American Culture, they have no fear of black men at all sometimes they will get extremely giddy in your presence if you fit their ideal type , they usually live in the city and are really comfortable around ghetto people but they don't necessarily act ghetto. They can also live in upperclass areas Although this is very rare but most urban women reside in middle class to lower income areas.

I would say this fits me the closest. You wouldn't necessarily pick me out from a crowd of average white people, but I'm comfortable around black people because that is how I grew up. I had a black stepfather and biracial siblings, a black stepbrother and stepsister, black cousins, and a set of black grandparents. In high school I lived in an ethnically diverse mostly black neighborhood.

It wasn't the inner city or anything though. Even though I spent a lot of time in non-black neighborhoods too, I am probably MORE comfortable surrounded by black people than white ones. Earlier this year I moved to a racially diverse suburb of a city. It's more middle to lower middle class, but a lot of black families. The schools are more black than white. Anyhow, I feel way more like I fit in here than I do in whiter areas. I guess its just culturally more familiar, though I don't think it would be readily apparent by looking at me.

As a single mom with a bunch of kids, and a difficult teenage son, I also find the black community to be much more understanding, kind and helpful. Jungle Fever- They date strictly black men, no exceptions unless a very high SMV non-black guy approaches them. They can be urban, Preppy or ghetto. Plenty of Urban and ghetto women who will date mexican, white, and asian guys, I see this a lot.

I might fit the Jungle Fever part a little bit but I'm not sure. It's rare that I date a non-black man, but it has happened. Types of women who love Black Men: DTF Group Urban women, jungle fever women -DTF women usually love urban culture, hip hop music, gospel music, Entertainment geared toward Black American culture these women love to death. Its not the ONLY stuff I like and there is "stuff white people like" that I like too, lol.

Not so much for me, especially at age Most black guys as they get older can verify which women are DTF and which aren't based around their comfort level in your presence and how they react to your game. I would say yes, mostly, though I get asked frequently by black men if they are the first black guy I have ever went out with. It's funny, but the black men I date NOW tend to be guys who themselves grew up in a more white area or around white people.

So its like the inverse of me. So mostly its successful black men who have adopted SOME elements of white culture but not so much that they totally identify with it. So really, they are kind of like me. You won't find me using a lot of slang but I am familiar with it. I just don't tend to use it myself. Some of the black girls I grew up with used to tease me when I said something overly white.

I have to agree with others, sterotypes are never a good thing… One must not blame others, when it comes to the mating game… aka.. So essentially, a lot of the comments below seem to state that bw should settle for the hood guy. I value myself too much, thanks. Valerie Also, I have not dated a 'ghetto' BM since I was a teen. They try to talk to me, I just keep it moving … it is obvious that they need a pillow and a banker. Valerie "We" jump to the defense of BM when "they" are some of the worse men on the planet!

In and out of jail, on the down-low, irresponsible, condom-phobic, WWchasing morons. Can you tell that I am tired of them and no longer seek them out as partners? Most BW are suckers. Most BM don't know their ass from their elbows, don't know how to be Dads.. Niasia This is a very stereotypical article and like someone else said it is rather tacky and tasteless. Which Bourgeoisie wrote this? It reads like a Cuacasion person who only know's about African American life and experience through television.

Why I clicked on it is beyond me…I should have known by the title! Golden Standard I was with you up until the "bad hygene" and the "music in the background" WTF, you sound like the Tea-Partier who ran for office in NY, not all "ghetto" people have poor hygiene and not all "gentleman" have good Hygiene TheMrs True! Ladies you will miss out on the average good man if you believe everything in the article! Warning Warning this type of so called good man is a fantasy..

MilleAMillion This article is tasteless and tacky. And if this was supposed to be a joke, it isn't even funny. I really hope the women of color who read this have enough sense not to take this article seriously…and the author's name is X-man. Did a man write this? If so you should really be ashamed. You could almost see it as a plot to make black women seem insane!!! They read this crap and think this is real and what a man is supposed to be.

I do agree that a man should be a gentleman and treat all women with the respect he treats the females in his family but telling woomen that a gentleman will make love to you with music in the background….. And he's impeccably dressed at ALL times, damn, even when he's going to the basket ball game…. And he buys you nice jewlery? I'm not saying that black men like this don't exist because they do however they are few and far between.

So black women don't fall for this kind of fantasy the average black men are still being overlooked because of this type of unrealistic, materialistic fantasy of a man. And if this is the man you are waiting for……you'll be waiting a long long….. Concerned The person who wrote this reminds me of exactly why my parents sent me off to college. Notice the title of this list is a reference to character of a man using a historically subjective word used incorrectly anyway.

The next issue I take with this list is that the title reflects something completely different than the content. Should the title not reflect the content. Its a wish list. So write a title reflecting a wish list.

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Who he dated would not affect his whiteness nor the online dating site with free chat of any of your future pavlove offspring. If dting racist would you really even care. How dating a ghetto guy you stand it. I value sexual and reproductive loyalty to datnig race more than selfish, you are judging him solely because he wasn't loyal to "the race. However, liberal hedonism. What i ask is that you don't try to terrorize people like dating a ghetto guy because I have different views to yours. How can you stand it. I value sexual and reproductive loyalty to one's race gy than selfish, as our outlooks on life will obviously be incompatible. This unravels your argument and reveals it to be racist and not just based on physical preference. If you're racist would you really even care!