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Their little ones recognize this and in return, they study hard to return the favor to their parents. Her mom, dad, and siblings are very important to her and they matter on her decision-making. So, when dealing with any of the family members you should be polite. So, you better court her family and win them first. If you win their approval, they will support you all the way and will even convince her to give you a chance.

She Has a Huge Family Aside from her mom, dad, and siblings, she has uncles, aunties, titas, titos, and of course, grandma and grandpa. Filipinos are so close that they tend to live with their relatives at bay. In fact, you should not be surprised if most of the people in the neighborhood are just her relatives. Thus, you should be very cautious when dealing with anyone near her home because the man you are talking to could be her cousin.

When you woo a Filipina, you should know that you have to woo a large family. The great thing about blending with her huge family, especially if they love you is that they are fun to be with. During get-together, they prepare a feast. There will always be that one member of the family who will encourage you to eat and another member who will always make you feel comfortable. Her dad and brothers will probably challenge you for a drink.

A Filipino family, in general, are very lively, hospitable and accommodating. Pinoy News The majority of the Filipinos are Catholics. Another huge portion of the population is Christians from different religious denominations. She Loves Singing A number of Filipinos are popular worldwide because of their innate talent to sing.

In fact, they shine on singing competitions. Their love for music is natural. Most household owns a karaoke or singing machine. Singing is always part of a celebration be it birthdays, anniversaries, or a simple get together. Yes, most Filipinos love singing, so if you love a Filipina woman, you can woo her by serenading her or treating her into a fun karaoke experience. She Loves Food If there are occasions in the family, food will always be the highlight.

Every member of the family has his or her own favorite meal that will always be included in the menu. When there are gatherings they prepare too much food that it can feed the whole neighborhood. Their food is delicious and very satisfying. Their breakfast, for instance, will make you full and energized for the whole day. They usually prepare fried rice, egg, corn beef, tocino, beef tapa or dried fish in the morning with coffee or hot chocolate?

I personally love it. You might find it too much at first. How could they eat all of those food? Filipino foods are awesome and very yummy. She is Submissive But Not Passive Source: Philstar Filipinas make good wives because they are submissive. Everyone pitches in to raise a child from grandparents to godparents to the next door neighbor.

Family is the most important thing to us — sometimes even more important to us than you. So, as the Spice Girls say: If you wanna be her lover, you gotta get with her friends … and family. And never, ever, ever insult a family member. We Filipinos also have a saying: We have enough food to feed a village. Are there more people coming? We love, love, LOVE karaoke. A Filipino family is bound to own at least one because different ones have different songs, duh.

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